House M

Reconstruction of a 1890’s Myconian country house from ruins.

The brief required the design of a holiday house for a businessman, with extensive facilities for entertaining and hosting of guests.

The house is  facing a slope and  shaped by rock formations. All the  important elements of the house, such as the old fireplaces, were restored by local workers, in the best way.


current general ext. views & plan of the house in it’s previous condition


main entrance  & lounge view from main entrance


lounge ‘s fireplace (scan from plan & section following) with cast iron chandelier, originally made for a hotel in Elounda.

scanned sections of the kitchen windows, as shown above  (pic)


various windows, guest room /lounge and kitchen for 6


Section of main room showing the stair complex leading to the lower level (kitchen & guest room ontop) and to the 3rd guestroom door.

lounge and guest room #3 view from master bedroom

master bedroom view from the door to rock garden and the guest room #3 following

general floor plan

original property plan

and some garden shots. The creation of a rock garden was essential.


My fav part of the garden, a discreet passage leading to the roof terrace. made of stones found in ruins around the area and one wooden part from a bench