P guesthouse

The refurbishment of Plethon Guesthouse at the Plethon Liberal School of Philosophy,  situated in property filled with orange trees, with view to Mystras castle, Sparta, Greece. Fun and eco -conscious improvement of interiors and garden of four guest apartments and restaurant, mainly working with locals, reclaimed furniture and recycled materials.

    • Principle use: Guest residence ✰✰✰✰
    • Design/Supervision: Werner Maritsas
    • Building site: Mystras – Lakonia, Greece
    • Study / Refurbishment period: 2009
    • Photo:W. Maritsas, K.Kourtidis


The Restaurant





Following images of work in progress


Walls painted with a discreet color and next to new buffet /kitchen the big industrial radiator that works also as a partition from main entrance. A semi final layout for the vintage furniture, all to be framed with some contemporary pieces and light fixtures.




The apartments


Shadow stencils

Kitchen stencils

kitchen b4 and after paint + stencils – phase #1

changing the color of the wooden cupboards with a semi transparent color  + adding some stencils was an inexpensive way to change the look of the existing open kitchen.

Series of handmade ceiling lamps for the open kitchen made of old cutlery


final result


the colorful sofa’s cushions are made of recycled quality fabrics

handmade border lace made of different fine recycled textiles, curtain detail


handmade bed spreads and pillows made from recycled fabrics, for the bedroom, second level

handmade carpets made of recycled pullovers for the bedrooms 

and some of the vintage items up cycled for the rooms, before restoration