Spartan hotel

Gut renovation and redesign of an aging  hotel, in Spata, Greece, with aim to create a hip city hotel.
Renovation of building’s exterior  (2000) And a later art attack  as an update for the new decade.


  •         Principle use: Hotel ✰✰✰✰
  •         Design/Supervision: Werner Maritsas
  •         Building site: Sparta, Lakonia– Greece
  •         Number of stories: 5
  •         Design / Construction period: 2000
  •         Art attack: 2009
  •         Photo:W. Maritsas, I. Nikolareizi, Maniatis h

(project published in Vogue, Maison & Decoration  and  Luxury hotels guide)

phase 1 – gut renovation in 2000

Situated in the historic centre of Sparta, the original building was constructed in the 70s and a drastic renovation of lobby and restaurants was needed. A contemporary minimal solution was proposed in order to be coherent to the Spartan rigorous and sincere character.
The central point of the space design, the reception, is located between the restaurant and the lobby. Mobile glass partition walls are used to separate of unify the space depending on need, allowing sun light to penetrate at any time.
The relative small dimensions of the space are visually increased by using a special wall painting technique with metal gloss. For the same reason, a lot of transparent and metallic furniture is used. Some parts of illumination and furniture are custom made in order to contribute to concept

reception view from main entrance

lobby view and bar


lobby bar


phase 2- art attack 2009

corridor installation, with hotel’s recycled furniture and light fixture (more here)

Part of the designs for the 5 murals, one on each floor and the materialization

the ground floor Catch me if u can stencil

Working with Donna Martins is always fan..

restaurant’s ivy stencil


In some standard rooms, as part of  this express renovation, I’ve used a hand paint instant wallpaper for the entrance and framed my favorite stencil

scans from publications in Vogue and  Maison & Decoration