The transformation of an old kitchen shop into a functional hair salon, with a modest budget.

Principle use: Hair salon

Design/Supervision: Werner Maritsas

Location: Petroupoli, Athens – Greece

Total floor area: 78 m2

Design / Construction period: August 2009

Photo:W. Maritsas, I. Nikolareizi

The main idea was tunnel-like space divided by 3 layers.  To highlight this tube illusion a round double mirror was placed at the back of the salon, creating a stylish impression of depth. Complete renovation – study and construction-  completed in 40 days.

sections and floor plan

facade view

round double mirror at the layer E4

from layer E1 to E4

reflection from layer E4


The reception desk volume -opposite the waiting area- has disappeared  w/the help of a synthetic mirror facing. Opposite a fusion bench made from reused chairs, decorated w/hand made recycled silk flowers.

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Previous condition (click to enlarge)


Photographs taken during construction process