House A

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Redesign and gut reconstruction for a high end 34 m2 studio with garden, close to the archeological park of Acropolis.

 This is a renovation project of a 40 years-old ground floor apartment, situated in Thiseio, one of the most charming areas in Athens. The design is focused on  the creation of  a spacious,  minimal  yet (multi)functional studio.

Also to enlighten the main area allowing more natural light inside. In this spirit I’ve opened completely the house to the garden, linking the inner and outer space allowing the garden to be experienced from within the house. In addition I’ve replaced the old shaft walls with two -floor to ceiling- windows, creating a more less dual aspect.

  •         Principle use:  house
  •         Design/ Production: Werner Maritsas
  •         Building site: Thiseio,  Athens – Greece
  •         Total floor area:  34 m2
  •         Design / Construction period: 2010-11
  •         Photo: W. Maritsas


check out the construction process here video of the house here


plan of  studio w/garden

werner maritsas house a

entrance corridor / kitchen view (above)



Small houses require an efficient use of space. The activities essential to operation have been carefully considered and housed with build in plywood structures (storage, desk and kitchen) to allow freely circulated space.

A metal structure develops itself to support  enough extra upper storage space , the wardrobe and the bathroom’s glass walls. Part of the upper storage can be reached from the living room and the rest  through the bathroom.



the bathroom was relocated in the corridor to allow more free space in the main living  area.  Though it takes only 2 out of the  total 34sq.m of house, the bathroom is spacious and functional. The marble 70’s sink is from the apartment previous kitchen.




The open kitchen is fully equipped and designed to look as less as a kitchen as possible, security glass was used instead of tiles.





Athens has the lower percentage of green urbanareas per habitat from most European core cities (2.5 – 9sqm) so a pvt garden in a city drown in concrete, is a big luxury. The modern gardens are shadier now than they ever have been and this  garden unfortunately is no exception. Surrounded by tall apartment buildings from one side and an old huge pine from the other, the garden ispartial shade or no sun light at all.  The walls were painted with bright white in expensive asvesti  to increase beneficial elements of the indirect sun’s light and the right plants and herbs  where chosen. since the excellent weather conditions in Athens allow outdoor activities up to 9 months a year, a second outdoor kitchen / BBQ was created. A second marble sink found on the street, from another renovated kitchen perhaps, was used for the BBQ.




The garden from the 4rth floor

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