Polis Grand Hotel

Gut renovation and redesign of a central hotel , in Athens Greece.

The hotel is situated in the center of Athens. The original building was done in the 70s and renovation of all public spaces was needed ( new reception area in the small lobby with a bar,  relocation of toilets, offices and kitchen, new conference rooms, a  lobby and a bistrot on the third level and a new roof garden on the terrace).


Besides upgrading the Grand Hotel, the objective was also to redefine the hotel’s corporate identity and to create a completely new atmosphere that would be fresh and friendly. Due to the restricted space, especially on the third floor level, there were proposed solutions with transformable character. Furniture that could serve different functions, movable partition walls in order to smudge the limits of each function the air-condition ducts are visible, offering additional height in the third level.

Once again the use of art works such as the wire sculptures in the entrance and the lobby and the four meter long pearl chandelier that is unifying the first and second level, contributes to the forthcoming and distinct atmosphere of the hotel.

The study and construction for the new Polis Grand Hotel was completed within four months.

Principle use: Hotel ✰✰✰✰

Design/Supervision: Werner Maritsas

Building site: Omonia sq. Athens – Greece

Number of stories: 11

Design / Construction period: 2004

Photo: W. Maritsas, I. Nikolareizi